Vijay U-Learn Paathshala

Highlights of Vijay's U-Learn Pathashala Science Classes

We are passionate for the job with an ability to reach out to students and create a relationship of mutual trust.  Our objective is to help cultivate the students interest in education and be their dedicated ally in the entire process of learning and development

Some salient features of our approach :

  • Provide individualized teaching/instruction to each students by promoting interactive learning
  • Qualified and experienced teachers
  • Teachers have a strong foundation in the subject they are teaching and be able to effectively communicate concepts to their students.
  • Competent Teachers able to design engaging and informative lesson plans and be able to assess their students’ understanding of the subject matter.
  • Patient and approachable teachers and passionate about creating a positive and inclusive learning environment for all students.
  • Inspire a love for learning in their students and encourage them to think critically and ask questions.
1.  Knowledgeable about the subject matter that they teach

Teachers are experts in their field, can handle and teach every topic and make effective lesson plans and notes that could meet the desired objectives of the lessons.

2. Ability to explain complex concepts in a clear and concise manner

Teachers are knowledgeable enough to explain complex concepts in a clear and understandable manner

3. Patient and able to answer students’ questions

Teachers prepares lesson plan in such a way that it allows enough time for questions to be asked and answered. Teachers are patient with the students and prepared to answer questions both in and out of the classroom.

4. Ability to create a positive and inclusive learning environment

Teachers are  able to carry all the students along  and create an environment that is conducive to learning for all students, regardless of their backgrounds.

5. Ability to adapt teaching style to meet the needs of different learners

Teachers use a variety of teaching methods and strategies to benefit both slow and fast learners, as well as average learners.

6. Organized and able to plan effective lessons

Competent teachers to execute lessons and meet its objectives and good lesson planners.

7. Encourage curiosity and critical thinking in students.

Encourages curiosity and critical thinking in students. They encourage students to ask questions and  explore new ideas, seek out new and unfamiliar information, and consider alternative perspectives and points of view.

8. Able to assess and evaluate student learning.

Regular evaluation and assessment of students’ learning.

9. Demonstrate enthusiasm for the subject matter.

Motivate students and make a topic that seems boring appear lively and interesting by transmitting enthusiasm to their students.